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The 11931 Cisa Metal Electric Lock has a galvanised finish, for outside use, it is an ideal lock for gates and Metal Doors.

It has a key hold back facility from the inside as well as locking the lock, so that it cannot be opened from the inside without a key.

Comes with a 3 keyed override cylinder, extra keys can be made, when ordering lock.

The 11931 model comes in inward and outward models as follows:- 11931-60-1 R/H in......11931-60-2 L/H in......11931-60-3 R/H out......11931-60-4 L/H out.

The fitting is rim and the lock is fail safe, but lock can be opened from inside, by pushing the button if it is not in locked position.  The voltage is 12V AC and the backset is 60mm.

From the Diagram to the right, please make sure that you order the correct hand for the lock required.

The Cisa Series 11823 Electric External Lock is a galvanised finished lock and is made for Metal Doors plus Garage Doors.

It comes  with fixing metal plates.

This lock is inward opening only, it has an 80mm backset and comes with a 3 keyed cylinder with override facility, but extra keys can be supplied when ordering lock.

The fitting is a rim lock and is a fail safe lock, working from a 12VAC voltage.

The codes for this lock are:-

11823-80-1 Lock R/H  and 11823-80-2 Lock L/H

The Cisa Lock Series 14020 is made for aluminum doors, where there is no room in the frame side to fit an electric release.

It is a mortice lock and comes Left and Right Handed.

It accepts an oval cylinder, supplied extra.

The lock has a galvanised finish and has a 18mm backset.

The lock is a fail safe lock and works on a 12VAC current.

The codes for this lock are 14020-18-1 R/H......14020-18-2 L/H.

Cisa 14020 Electric Lock for aluminium doors (LEFT or RIGHT)

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