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The Yale 77 series traditional Night latch is the original Yale Night latch with classic styling.

The snib function on the inside enables you to hold the latch back into the case, in the event of going outside or to dead it latch internally, whilst inside.

The Yale Traditional Nightlatch has a 60mm back set, this is the measurement from the edge of the door to the centre of the keyhole.

The Night latch cylinder comes in either Satin Chrome or Brass and is supplied with 2 keys.

Extra keys can be ordered with the lock, as well as this we can Master and pass them, from our workshops.

The Yale 89 deadlocking latch

The latch bolt is easily reversible on site.

A reverse strike is available to suit outward opening doors.

The latch bolt is withdrawn by handle from inside and with a key from outside.

Bolt and handle can be deadlocked by key from outside or by press button inside.

The press button also operates latch holdback facility.

Comes with 2 keys, but, extra keys con be added, when ordering the lock.

The standard Yale 88 Nightlatch is suitable for internal or external doors, it operates with a key from the outside and a knob lever from the inside, this latch cannot be double locked, from the outside with key.

The 88 Nightlatch has a snib on the inside box to hold the latch back, as well as dead latching it to prevent entry with a key from the outside.

For external doors it is advisable to fit a BS3621 5 lever deadlock, as well as the 88, for Insurance purposes.

The finishes of the cylinders are either brass or chrome.

The Nightlatch comes with 2 keys.

The Yale 85 Rim Night Latch is from the same family as the Yale 88 and 89 Yale Rim Locks, but has a 40mm back set, it double locks from the outside, with an extra turn of the key, with a snib action on the inside for dead latching the lock closed, the snib will also act as a hold back, for the latch, when the door is in the open position.

All Yale Rim Locks come with all fixing screws, plus the fixing instructions and a cylinder with 2 keys, but, extra keys can be supplied, when ordering the lock.

The cylinders come in either brass or chrome finishes.

These locks can be mastered and passed, as long as the same type of cylinder is used.

The Yale 81 Rollerbolt Night Latch is a Rollerbolt Rim Night Latch which cannot lock by itself, it needs a key to physically lock it, from the outside, but, can be opened or locked from the inside, by the handle. It also keeps the door closed, by the spring roller action, without locking the door which allows the door to

opened by pulling or pushing the door, depending whether it is an outward or inward opening door.

The Night Latch Comes with either a Brass or Satin Chrome cylinder, it has a five pinned mechanism cylinder and comes with 2 keys, but, extra keys can be ordered, when purchasing the lock. The 81 Rollerbolt case is finished in grey.

The case can be purchased separately. The Yale 81 Rollerbolt Night Latch can be used on inward or outward opening doors.

These locks, as with all the other Yale locks shown on this page, can be Mastered or Passed, by our Company, In House.  They can also be fitted on registered section keys, which can only be copied on producing a signature of the owner or owners of that key.

The Yale 82 Dead Bolt Rim Lock is a surface mounted Yale Lock; this Rim Lock cannot shut behind you, as it needs to be operated with a key from the outside cylinder to physically lock the Dead Bolt into place.

From the inside it operates by turning the inside handle to lock the Dead Bolt into place.

The case is a metallic grey finish.

The Lock comes with 2 keys, but, extra keys can be ordered when purchasing the Yale Rim Lock.

The cylinders supplied with these Yale Rim Locks, comes in either a Brass or Satin Chrome finish and is supplied with 2 keys as well as all fixing screws and fixing instructions.

The Case to this lock can be purchased separately.

The cylinders can be Mastered or Passed with any other cylinder with the same section.

If you have an outward opening door and need to fit any of the above locks, you will need a reverse plate, follow this link to outward opening keeps.

(Page 1) Yale Rim Locks Yale 77, 85, 88, 89.

(Page 2) Yale PBS1, PBS2 and Yale No1, No2

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