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North London Locksmiths Ltd. have been established at the same Locksmith Shoppremises in London, for more than 35 years, we are fully Insured and are Company Members of The Master Locksmith Association, therefore a Company which can be trusted.

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The Chubb 8K101 is suitable for outward opening hinged windows with narrow frames, is an easy lock to fit and is key operated, therefore Insurance approved.

Supplied with all fixing screws, and they come in white, brown and brass.

Lock is secured and released by use of the key.

The Chubb 8K106, easy to fit, comes with a key and drill bit, for fitting, is ideal for outward opening crittal and aluminum windows.

The keys for this lock are the same as the Chubb 8K101 more keys can be ordered.

8K100 Chubb Window Locks, can be fitted to wooden window casements opening outward, this lock can also be used for aluminum and metal windows by carefully fitting with machine screws.

Extra keys can be supplied to this lock.

Easy fitting for a DIY person.

The Chubb  8K100 Window Lock has keys to differ and can be purchased separately.

This Chubb Window Lock comes in white only.

8K109 Chubb Window Locks are surface fixed onto the window section, locking into the fixed frame by use of the key.

Suitable for hinged timber casement windows.


The  lock is finished in white and comes with key and all fixing screws and wedged plate, for tapered frames.

This is an easy lock to fit yourself.

The Chubb 8013 Sash Window Bolt (Dual Screw) is secured by locking the inner bolt into the barrel and frame using the key.

The threaded lock barrel is fixed into the inner frame and the window The Chubb 8013 is supplied in a brass finish with 2 locks and 1 key, or in packs of 6 plus key.

For wooden sliding sash windows.

We sell all types of Chubb Window Locks plus many other locks.

The Chubb 8K118 Economy Window  white or brass window lock comes in packs of 4.

The Lock is surface fixed onto the window section, locking into the fixed frame by use of the key.

Suitable for hinged timber casement windows.

Easy locks to fit.

The Chubb 8K120 Window Locks are suitable for outward opening hinged windows they are supplied c/w wedge plate for tapered frames.

They come with all fixing screws.

Automatically snaps locked when window is closed, released by use of key.

Come in White with key.

The Chubb 8K103 Window Sash Jammer is designed for additional security on most UPVC windows.

It's very simple to operate and easy to fit The Chubb 8K103 sash jammer is non-handed.

It is surfaced mounted and needs a key to operate it.

This lock is ideal for patio doors as well.

Comes with 1 key

 8K123 Chubb  Window Locks are an ideal lock to add to UPVC Windows.

It is a surfaced mounted lock and comes with packing pieces, to build up to required height.

It needs a key to open and lock it.

Comes in white.

Easy to fit.

The Chubb WS1 Sash Window Stop is meant for sliding sash windows.

The ideal scenario is to put one either side of the sash window, one sitting on bottom sash and the other set 5" to 6" higher.

If fitted with another key operated window lock, one will suffice, set at 5" to 6" inches, for ventilation.

Comes in brass with one key.

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